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Monday, September 20, 2004

Dec. 2002: Kerry says the U.S. should not "go it alone" in Iraq

The following excerpt is from a Dec. 2, 2002 CNN Transcript:


SEN. JOHN KERRY (D), MASSACHUSETTS: I've made a decision to file a formal exploratory committee.
JUDY WOODRUFF (voice-over): With that, John Kerry jumped in, and immediately criticized President Bush on a range of issues, foreign and domestic. On Iraq, Kerry says the U.S. must have U.N. support to go to war.
KERRY: I think it would be very dangerous for the United States to go it alone in Iraq, under any circumstances, except if there were a clear, imminent threat.
WOODRUFF: On NBC's meet the press Kerry faulted the administration for failing to catch Osama bin Laden.
KERRY: Target number one, Osama bin Laden. Target number two, al Qaeda. Target number three, Mullah Omar. All three of them are still loose.
WOODRUFF: Kerry also laid out his domestic priorities -- education and health care. He wants universal health care coverage for all Americans, but not the type favored by former Vice President Al Gore.
KERRY: Well, a single payer is the Canadian plan, or the British plan, a plan where the government makes all the choices, the answer is no.
WOODRUFF: And on taxes, Kerry said he would cancel the Bush tax cuts from this point on.
KERRY: No new tax cut under the Bush plan, most of which goes to the wealthiest Americans, because we simply can't afford it.
WOODRUFF: Kerry has an impressive personal and political biography. He is a war hero, serving as an officer on a gun boat in the Mekong Delta in the Vietnam War. Kerry was wounded three times, and returned home to join the anti-war movement.


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