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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Trying to make a difference

Cindy Sheehan writes on CommonDreams.org:

"I flew into Florida on October 19th not knowing what to expect or what I would find here. I have found a rich dichotomy of ideas and political theologies. I have been called names and praised as a brave patriot. I have had people look at the picture of my son, Spc. Casey Sheehan, KIA, Sadr City, Baghdad, age 24, and weep for my pain and for the tragedy of my sons death. On the other hand I have had people smirk for the shamefulness of me being out here campaigning against a President who they think is strong on terror and is pro-life. These people who smirk also won't look at Casey's picture. They don't want to put a face on this senseless war that they support.

My brave, honest, and sweet son was sent to an unjust war by a cowardly, lying, draft-dodger. Casey didn't have to go to Iraq, he re-enlisted and he told me 'Mom, I can't let my buddies go over there without me. This is what we train for, I'll be okay. The sooner I get there the sooner I'll be home.' Well my gentle and kind boy came home 2 short weeks after arriving in Iraq in a flag draped coffin.

Mr. Bush lied to the world, the country, my family and my son. He told us that Saddam was an imminent threat to the United State with his vast stockpile of nuclear weapons. He lied to us and told us that there was a connection between Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden. He lied to my son when he told him that he would be welcomed to Baghdad as a conquering hero with flowers and chocolates. Casey was welcomed there with bullets and rpg's.

Republicans here in Florida will invariably tell me that my son 'volunteered' to go to this war. They never (with one exception: 10-year-old Tanner in Pensacola) express any kind of sympathy or compassion. They are correct in the fact that my son did enlist and re-enlist in the Army. He loved being a soldier and he loved his buddies. He was a good soldier and he volunteered for the dangerous mission that he was killed on. He was a trusting person who trusted his Commander-in-Chief to use his troops with great care: to only send them in harm's way if there was a clear and present danger to our country. This Commander-in-Chief has misused and abused his position of authority to put our troops in a preemptive war that had no basis in reality. Bush exploited Casey's sense of duty and honor and sent him to a war that is the beginning of middle-eastern domination and huge profiteering from Bush's cronies. Yesterday, I was protesting at a rally where Dick Cheney said that 'Iraq has been a remarkable success story.' It sure has been for Halliburton, Chiron, Exxon, Osama Bin Laden, Moqtada al-Sadr, Ayad Allawi, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Israel. I guess he doesn't have to elaborate on what kind of successes he was talking about.

I came to Florida to help to try and make a difference in this election. I have been up and down the state doing interviews in every available medium and protests and peace marches in every city I have stayed in. I came out from California to follow up on a commercial that I did for RealVoices.org and that was run nationally in swing states by MoveOn.org. I have left my home and family to try and make the world a better place like Casey did. I can't face another four years of this man who has devastated our world and my family. If I don't get out and do everything possible, I wouldn't be able to look myself, or my other three children, in the face..."

Full story here.


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