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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Cause for shame

From a letter published in today's San Diego Union-Tribune:

"My father won a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star in World War II. I don't know what he did to earn them because the wounds of war were so deep that he never spoke of it. He served his country. He loved his country. He was a Democrat and proud of it. How hypocritical to ridicule John Kerry's service in Vietnam. I don't care if John Kerry never won a single medal, he was there. He put his life on the line and was in harm's way. Can George W. Bush and Dick Cheney say the same? Any veteran who served his country, particularly in time of war, should be honored, not mocked.

But, we all know what this is about. They knew they would have trouble running against a bona fide war hero. Their solution? Tear him apart. Never mind that they had to ridicule the Purple Heart to do it. Never mind that their own candidates have no Purple Hearts to ridicule. Never mind that they insulted countless veterans in the process, including my own father."

-Rosemary Tyrrell


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