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Thursday, September 09, 2004

The cost of health care

Health insurance premiums for individuals in employee-sponsored plans rose by 11.2 percent last year, or four times the rate of inflation/wage growth, according to a survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation. It is the fourth straight year health insurance premiums have staged a double-digit increase. Five million fewer jobs offer health insurance than in 2001. The typical cost of a family health care plan now hovers around $10,000. In a speech today, John Kerry said addressing health care concerns would be his #1 priority as president.


At 5:33 PM, Blogger BuffyTheSlayr said...

Why does health care cost so much in the US? I pay $45/month for unlimited health care (doctor visits, hospital stay, any tests like CAT scan, MRI,etc). My group insurance at work is about $113/month out of my pay cheque (that pays 80% of all medications, dental work, physio, orthotics, etc and pays out 3x my yearly wage if I die; and I have Short Term and Long term disability = 55% of my net wage) If people have no group insurance, they have Blue Cross which is the same cost and gives you the same stuff. If you are low income, blue cross payments are less. If you are on welfare or unemployment all health care is free. Our dollar is about .75 cents to the US dollar and we have no where near the population. I have always wondered why it's such an issue is the US. Let me know.(P.S: Bush is a moron but then so is the Premier of Alberta-Ralph "I'm gonna sell Alberta to the USA" Klein)


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