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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Letter to the Nation

My fellow Americans,

Next November 2 you will be asked to make a decision. This decision will decide the fate of our country and the world over the next four years.

As you make that decision, I ask you to carefully consider the following:

-Which candidate will pay heed to democratic values and the Constitution?
-Which candidate is most likely to serve the needs of all Americans?
-Which candidate will seek to appeal to humanity's better nature and not its worst fears?
-Which candidate will best support America's role as a leader of the world community?
-Which candidate will heed the advice of the scientific community (and not attempt to install a political answer for scientific problems}?
-Which candidate will avoid sacrificing long-term stability for short-term expediency?
-Which candidate has shown trust and integrity under fire and avoided deceit and diversion?
-Which candidates has the vision, curiosity, and broadmindedness to carry this country forward?
-Which candidate will protect freedom as a living organism and ensure liberty's continuity, health and survival in precarious times?

To each their own choice. I hope you choose wisely.

Yours Truly,


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