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Sunday, August 29, 2004

Doubt Is Not An Option

Doubt Is Not An Option, originally uploaded by edwest.

Tonight I'm watching Larry King's softball interview with GW and Laura Bush. Bush is scarily good as a political conversationalist--at least when he's presented with a fawning audience. To watch this show, you would never realize that poverty rates and the number of uninsured Americans are rising--or just how vicious the Bush brand of politics is. This is the family that went after McCain because he has an adopted daughter from Bangladesh. But here, the Bushes are just having a cordial chat. So lets listen in a minute...

"There is not a ban on stem cell research," says Laura Bush. [Well, no, only a freeze on the number of active lines.]

"From the talk you [would] think that there's a cure for Alzheimer's," Laura Bush says. [Well, hard to say when you freeze research.]

"You're not opposed to it morally?" asks Larry. "No, I'm not," says Laura Bush.

A minute later, the President says, "Because a stem cell is derived from the destruction of a human embryo, there's an ethical dilemma as well."

If Bush is so worried about human life, why did Texas have so many children without health insurance while he was governor there? Why doesn't he have program for national health insurance?


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