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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Bush calls health insurance "a Washington term"

"One thing about insurance, that's a Washington term. The question is, are people getting health care And we've got a strong safety net, and there needs to be a safety net in America. There needs to be more community health clinics where the poor can go get health care. We need a program for the uninsured -- they've been talking about it in Washington, DC. The number of uninsured have now gone up, for the past seven years. We need a $2,000 credit, rebate for people -- working people who don't have insurance so they can get in the marketplace and start purchasing insurance. We need to have -- allow small Businesses. to write across -- insurance across jurisdictional lines so small business can afford health care, small restaurants can afford health care And so health care needs to be affordable and available."
-George W. Bush, speaking in 2000

What has he done since then?


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