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Friday, October 29, 2004

Bush's campaign admits it doctored campaign ad, filled background with soldiers

Reuters News Service reports:

"President Bush 's campaign acknowledged on Thursday that a television ad depicting soldiers listening to Bush speak had been doctored so that some of the faces of the soldiers appear more than once.

Released five days before Election Day, the ad was called, 'Whatever It Takes' and had been touted by Bush advisers as a personal message from the president talking about the war on terror.

It depicts Bush talking of his meetings with family members of fallen soldiers and saying the 'hardest decision' he faced was the one to send soldiers into battle.

It then shows clips of people apparently listening to the president, including a crowd of soldiers. But some of the faces appear more than once in the image, which flashes across the screen as Bush vows to 'never relent in defending America, whatever it takes."'

Full story here.


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