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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Francophobia (see also: Xenophobia)

A typical evening on Fox News tonight. In between tape of old Bill O'Reilly interviews, Tony Snow asked two white men in suits about Franco-American relations. The white men in suits said France had been our enemy since the dawn of the Republic. Tony Snow said, "And then there was the French and Indian War." No one from France was interviewed. Bill O'Reilly himself was "on assignment" tonight, or so it was reported.

The men in suits were National Review reporter John J. Miller and professor Mark Molesky, authors of Our Oldest Enemy: A History of America's Disastrous Relationship With France.

Here is what Library Journal Reviews has to say about Our Oldest Enemy:

"This shallow work rests on a parsimonious use of the extensive literature on Franco-American relations. For example, the chapter on World War I and its aftermath includes 42 footnotes, 16 of which refer to the same source. The authors ignore such definitive works as Henry Blumenthal's extensive two-volume survey of Franco-American relations and significant studies from the French perspective such as Jean-Baptiste Duroselle's France and the United States from the Beginnings to the Present (o.p.). This polemical work will rest comfortably only on public library shelves that include the works of such pamphleteers as Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Michael Moore, and Al Franken."

Here is what CNBC host Larry Kudlow has to say about the book:

"It's just a terrific, terrific book, lots of facts and figures. Your point is you can go back 300 years, before the Revolutionary War, during, after, the Civil War, the First World War, the Cold War; France was never truly an American ally."


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