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Saturday, September 04, 2004

The Revolution Starts Now

"Revolution, to me, is an ongoing thing. It has never stopped. It's never going to stop."-SE

Country recording artist and Air America radio host Steve Earle has released a new album of anti-war tracks called The Revolution Starts Now.

As described by CMT:
"The album bristles with songs that jab at the legacy of the Bush administration, from 'Rich Man's War,' a lament about the 'poor boys' who always suffer in such conflicts, to 'Home to Houston,' the terrified ruminations of a civilian truck driver in post-war Iraq, to 'F the CC,' a middle-finger salute to the Federal Communications Commission. There's even a lustful calypso send-up of Condolezza Rice -- 'Condi, Condi' -- that urges the lissome National Security Advisor to 'Skank for me Condi, show me what you got.'"


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