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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Then & Now: Progress as defined by George Bush

From "Bush Seeks Cover as Economy Falls," published in the Boston Globe on Sept. 10, 2001:

"With the weak US economy rising to the top of Americans' concerns, President Bush is trying to limit the political damage, while Democrats look on skeptically.

Rapidly shrinking federal budget surpluses are limiting the president's ability to push traditional stimulative spending and testing Bush's leadership skills.
Friday's announced rise in unemployment to a four-year high of 4.9 percent prompted a special address from Bush."

George Bush, speaking at a campaign rally last week:

"The national unemployment rate is 5.4 percent. (Applause.) And the unemployment rate in the great state of West Virginia is 5.2 percent. (Applause.) Our economic plan is working. (Applause.)"

Why is Bush getting applause for raising the rate of unemployment?


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